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HD Online Player (Kartavya Full Movie In Hindi 720p Do) [Updated]




When he comes to know this his life changes for the worse. In order to help him, Kartavya's sister Gauri and her husband also do whatever they can to help him. Kartavya eventually goes to Andhra Pradesh, where she meets her real father for the first time. She returns to Delhi and starts her life over again. Akshay Kumar as Kartavya's father, Om: He was in love with a woman named Ramya (Shilpa Shetty) who died in a car accident. He searches for Kartavya and her parents to get to know her better. Kunal Kapoor as Kartavya's brother, Karan: He loves his sister and wants her to stay with him. He is in love with Ritu, the daughter of Prem (Shankar). However, Prem refuses to accept her. Kartavya is happily married to Ravindra and has a child, a boy named Meghana. Alka Yagnik as Kartavya's mother, Sharda: She was a lawyer and owned a chain of hotels. When Kartavya is born she looks exactly like the woman who died in the car accident (Shilpa Shetty). Suchitra Krishnamoorthy as Kartavya's friend, Suman: She thinks of Kartavya as her daughter. She owns a small hotel, and her husband looks after her house and their son. Suman is much more like a mother than her own mother. Nitish Bharadwaj as Kartavya's friend, Gauri: Her father owns a diamond business and his biggest concern is his daughter. He is more concerned about his business than about his daughter. However, he does everything to help her, and Kartavya is like his own daughter. Ekta Kaul as Gauri's friend, Shreya: She is Shreya's friend. She is more like a daughter to Shreya. Shreya feels like she is the mother of Shreya. Madan Joshi as Kartavya's friend, Gautam: His wife is pregnant. He looks after her and Kartavya. Shanti Phadnis as Kartavya's friend, Neelam: She is Neelam's friend. She is always around her and helps her in every way. Gulshan Grover as Gauri's friend, Jugal Kish




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HD Online Player (Kartavya Full Movie In Hindi 720p Do) [Updated]

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